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Is Tag Eriksson A Bottom?

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Today's question comes of the wave of interest we've recently seen regarding porn star Tag Eriksson, whose real name is Frederik Eklund. Since his porn career Eklund has reinvented himself as a top flight realtor / entrepreneur in New York City, appearing in a major role on Bravo's television program Million Dollar Listing.

Eklund tweets @fredrikeklundny.

Gabriel in San Antonio, Texas wants to know, "Is Tag Eriksson a bottom?"


Answer: During his career as a Jet Set Exclusive, Eriksson primarily topped guys. For example, whilst investigating the urban legend of when you see The Hole, you turn gay, Eriksson used his middle leg to help determine whether or not certain members of the cast had become gay. -/Watch The Hole Video on Demand/-

In Jason Sechrest's satire American Porn Star talent contest, Eriksson is one of the show's judges who, in a fit lust, disrobes, jumps onto the stage and hops atop a latin contestant named Rico Suave.

The answer is yes, Eriksson has played an on screen bottom in videos. He bends over in two movies for the same guy, Paolo Cortez, a dreamy figure who I believe was at one point a real life boyfriend. This happens in the Aquarium story of Jet Set One, as well as in Training Camp.

Of course, if you watch Million Dollar Listing you will see Eriksson / Eklund is strikingly out of the closet and honest about his sexual orientation and his adult film past. Bravo!

As someone who's Swedish, perhaps this shows that Scandinavians today are turning over a new leaf, no longer living a life of regrets and secrets like the old professor in Ingmar Bergmen's Wild Strawberries. Of course, others may criticize Eklund's honesty and compare his bold moves to Max von Sydow trying to play chess with Death in the Seventh Seal.

Frankly, it is not at all shameful to take pleasure in this little world. (Fanny and Alexander)

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