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How Do I Watch Aebn On My Roku

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I've come to love my little Roku player. I used to watch Netflix and Hulu through the Tivo, which uses some kind of push streaming that made the first 30 seconds of video pixelated and frequently wasn't responsive to my commands on the remote control.

The Roku is a nifty little device that connects your televisions to the Internet, bringing you a slew of channels from mainstream movie subscription services, television networks like PBS and many others. My roommate tunes in his Spotify music to listen to while working out in the living room. I've taken to renting movies on Amazon and watching them on the Amazon Instant Video channel.

Rokus can also stream porn channels, providing an easy way to watch Internet-delivered adult content to your television. For years, we all accomplished this by hooking up a DVD player and playing DVDs. Watching porn on the internet is great, but if you sit at a computer all day for work, can you really relax to porn like you could stretched out on the sofa?

More porn companies now have private channels that subscribers can access on the Roku. I tried this with my AEBN and found the experience to be fantastic. All the movies that I have rented (which are playing in 1080p/HTML5) appear exactly the same way as when I punch them up on the website. I can play the whole movie, use the remote to fast forward or reverse, pause. I can also purchase more "buy once / stream forever" videos, add them into my library and watch them forever.

If you want the best possible video setup, I recommend buying the Roku 3, which has a dual-band network card and 1080p. This device will have the best bandwidth for streaming high quality video. This set up is significantly simplier then hasseling with watching stupid tube sites and their chopped up videos surrounded in a sea of epilepsy-inducing flash ads in a web browser.

Follow these steps to setup your AEBN channel on your Roku:

First: go to the AEBN on Roku page. (You can also sign up for a new AEBN account from this page)

Your first choice asks whether you want the AEBN channel to appear as "AEBN" or discreetely with an icon titled Spreadsheet Tutorials.

In other words, do you want to add AEBN or AEBN2 aka "Speadsheet Tutorials".

Login to your Roku account. (Don't have a Roku account? Set that up first with your Roku. Don't have a Roku? Buy one here.)

Once logged in, you can choose Add A Private Channel (Enter an invitation code to add a private or beta channel to your account)

Enter either AEBN or AEBN2, and you will see a screen that says Add AEBN to your account?

Select, Yes, Add Channel

Then go to your Roku and open the AEBN channel. At this point you will get this screen:


Enter the code to link the account. The screen will update automatically. From this point you will see the standard

command options that you see when accessing AEBN from a web browser. They first ask if you want to use

the gay video side of AEBN, or the straight video side of AEBN:


From this point using the AEBN channel on the Roku is almost exactly like using AEBN from an iPad or other tablet. You can watch the

movies that you've purchased, purchase minutes and watch videos available in AEBN's movie library. You can purchase movies to stream or purchase minutes.

As I mentioned earlier, my preferred way to watch is to spend $10.95 on a movie to "rent once and stream forever". Over time, you can

build up a powerful porn collection to watch in high definition on your television, intergrated easily with your Roku.

Happy viewing. If anyone has questions, feel free to reply to this message.

Desslock / Friskyfans

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